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Project Description
SharePoint feature (for WSS 3.0 and MOSS) providing advanced settings to customize list form rendering in new, display and edit mode.

After installation, a new feature named "Display settings" is availble in the site collection feature (cf. screenshot bellow)

Activate this feature to be able to access new display settings. Then, a new menu item becomes available on lists settings (cf. screenshot bellow).

Click on "Display settings" menu item to access to the display setting setup page. This page will allow you to define, for each mode (new, edit and diplay), when to display each field of the list.
This first version allow to :
- Always display a field
- Never display a field
- Display a field only if the user getting information is (or is not) in a specific SharePoint group.
The screenshot bellow show the "List Display Settings" page.

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